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About Us

The St. George Island Institute is a culturally sensitive Institute that shares Unangan (Aleut) values, knowledge, skills, history, and the natural wonders of the Pribilof Islands with people from around the world.
The Institute provides a center for research and learning for people of all ages from around Alaska and around the world. Students will include high school and college interns, adventure travelers drawn to the unique natural and cultural history of St. George. The Institute is housed in historical buildings located in immediate proximity to major scientific and tourist attractions - bird rookeries, seal rookeries, and tide pools. It is located in the village of St. George, within walking distance of many historic structures – the Russian Orthodox Church, seal processing plant, and hotel.

The long-term objectives of the Institute are:

  • Retain and share traditional Aleut skills and knowledge – e.g. basket weaving, boat building, skin sewing
  • Stimulate economic development through increased patronage of existing amenities such as the hotel, store, and coffee shops
  • Develop a summer science/cross-cultural program for urban high school students Increase opportunities for local youth hire
  • Develop an undergraduate field research facility for Alaska Universities


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